BG/V. I. P. Model Experience

BG/V. I. P. Model Experience

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Have you ever wanted to be a model? Well here at Burning Guitars we believe that fashion is for everybody.  So we created a SUBSCRIPTION FEE that gives you unlimted access to Burning Guitars Clothing. What do you get with this subscription fee?

1. you get to borrow two Burning Guitars looks per month from Burning Guitars closet at the end of each month all clothing must be returned in the same condition as when you received it.
Once returned you can choose two more looks  to borrow for the month. You can wear the looks to events, for your video shoots and red carpets or wherever you like during that month. You are responsible for shipping prices when we ship to uou and you responsible to pay when you ship clothing back to us. 

2. Now everybody has the opportunity to model for Burning Guitars, no matter the height or weight but sometimes there may be a an extra fee for clothing that is XL or bigger due to pricing of fabrics. Ghis is an opportunity to join the Burning Guitars tour as a V. I. P. Signature Model and receive the Celebrity Model Experience. 
The fee applies to 1 look on the runway as one of Smiley Jonez’s V. I. P. Signature Models. For the small fee you get bragging rights to be styled by a celebrity deisgner stylist, walk the runway as a V. I. P. Signature model  and you get to keep the one of a kind Burning Guitars look that he styles you in as a souvenir. You will receive pictures within one week sometimes sooner all depends on how fast the photographer is on editing. 
You are responsible for your own hair and make up.

Upcoming tour dates

Atlanta-Paragon April 1, 2023 

Alabama A&M-April 12-15

Atlanta- Drip Wars May 13th 

Atlanta-BG & Friends Concert Feat  Big Yavo May 20th 

Miami Swim Week-July 14-16

Las Vegas-August 6-10

New York Fashion Week-Sept 7-12

London Fashion Week-Sept  15-19

Milan Fashion Week Sept. 19-25

Paris Fashion Week Sept  25-Oct 3rd